Client Feedback

Improve your capacity for data based decision making

When you’re committed to putting clients at the center of  business strategy and making data based strategic decisions, you need to close the gap between what clients' expect in terms of service and what you actually deliver. To do this you must understand what clients think and the roles your people, processes and technology play in delivering a compelling experience to clients.

We can help you with Client Feedback Programs by:

  • Developing the right feedback tools - including Twitter, online surveys, 1;1 client interviews
  • Listening and interpreting - analysing feedback to understand what it means
  • Responding - what to do to constantly improve and innovate. The best client feedback programs are ACTION orientated
  • Monitoring - making sure your responses are working.


  • Competitive edge - actionable insights inform changes to business processes and staff behavior 
  • Strategic advantage - via understanding root causes of client feedback 
  • Identify risk - by overlaying financial data and prioritise resources

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