Strategic Planning

Strategy + execution = results

With a pragmatic client and market focus, we help you develop an actionable strategic plan with a governance framework, with clear accountability in place, and help you set KPIs and goals to take you to the next level of performance.

Benefits of a strategic plan

  • Aligns the business around a common goal: gives business units and individuals a blueprint for the future so they can align their own plans
  • Greater predictive confidence about profit
  • Ability to prioritize capital and resources allocation
  • Greater preparedness for disruption
  • Identification and ability to act on market opportunities

How we work

We work with you to set strategic direction. Often we start with a facilitated stakeholder workshop that stimulates thinking and leads you along a path to help you uncover your vision for the future and how to turn it into realty.  Then we work with leadership to craft the strategy.  Importantly, we also develop a governance framework so strategy is 'always on'.  This will help you stay on track, as will coaching which is also available if you'd like some focused help with execution.

Strategy support covers:

  •                Evaluating existing strategic plans
  •          Assessing and developing positioning strategies and value propositions
  •          Making strategic investment decisions about sales and marketing
  •          Re-evaluating priorities based on life cycle maturation and developing new capabilities
  •          Establishing a strategy governance framework that drives execution

    A facilitated workshop may cover:

  •          A review of market conditions that impact growth and demand
  •          Performance and delivery gaps; areas for improvement
  •          Resource requirements
  •          Training and development requirements
  •          Internal processes to enhance efficiency
  •          A services audit