Strategic Planning

Strategy + execution = results

With a pragmatic client and market focus, we help you develop an actionable strategic plan. Through a governance framework, clear accountability, KPIs and goals, we can help propel you to the next level of performance.

Benefits of a strategic plan
  • Aligns the business around a common goal: gives business units and individuals a blueprint for the future so they can align their own plans
  • Greater predictive confidence about financials
  • Ability to prioritize capital and resource allocation
  • Greater preparedness for disruption
  • build accountability via  governance framework to assure strategy doesn't sit on a shelf
  • Identification and ability to act on market opportunities

How we work

Strategy support covers:

  •                Evaluating existing strategic plans
  •         Ideation - exploring with you where the greatest opportunities for growth exist; helping you make strategic investment decisions about services and sectors
  •         Strategy development - involving key stakeholders to capture their interest, motivation and creativity to deliver good engagement across your organisation, assessing and developing positioning strategies and value propositions, then design your strategic plan with clear performance indicators and actions
  •         Strategy management - ensure the ongoing success of your strategic plan by putting an effective strategy management system in place to coordinate and drive quarterly strategy reviews 
  •         Cultural assessments - assessing your corporate culture and its importance in achieving your goals
  •           Establishing a strategy governance framework that drives execution