Journey Mapping

Journey mapping and improved client experience

Used appropriately, journey maps can shift a company’s perspective from inside-out to outside-in
Bruce Tempkin Forrester

Journey mapping captures the steps clients take in engaging with your firm. Journey maps are increasingly used to provide the intelligence for developing client strategy. Davenport co-creates journey maps as part of a participative process with key stakeholders, carefully mapping complex interactions to identify:

  • Pain points, gaps or disconnects in service
  • How your brand impacts in terms of satisfaction and emotional responses
  • Critical touch points (eg. roles, systems, internal teams)

Benefits of a journey map 

  • Tracks end-to-end client experience to find the weakest and strongest points
  • Reveals where risks and value are from the clients perspective
  • Creates opportunities for teams to work together, and when conflicts emerge, it’s the beginning of the solution
  • Identifies what clients care about most
  • Enhances performance through committed engagement
  • Gives participants the opportunity to give personal input and 'put themselves in the picture' which creates champions for the program.

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