Internal Communication

Internal communication that turns heads and wins hearts 

We know underperformance can be the result of misaligned strategy.  Clients often tell us that ‘not everyone gets our strategy’ and then we hear how differently it’s interpreted across many complex, interacting parts of a business. 

It’s clear that success depends on all levels of the organization understanding strategy and how it translates into their day-to-day actions. Why?  Because executing the strategy is everyone’s business and it takes everyone to get it done.

So the challenge is this: how do you actively engage your employees around strategy?

Could you be communicating better with staff? Do you know enough about what your people are thinking? Davenport can assist you improve internal communication, knowledge sharing and alignment of people’s efforts with strategy so engagement improves. That’s good for the bottom line. 

How we can help

We can help you tell your story in creative and compelling ways targeted to employees and other key stakeholders including clients, suppliers and investors.
  • Change management programs
  • Developing and executing internal communication strategies
  • Design and content development for intranets
  • Social media policy development and training
  • Producing internal publications and staff newsletters
  • Developing feedback systems
  • Planning, delivery and facilitation of internal employee events such as town hall meetings, workshops

Communicate For Better Retention and Engagement