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Huge opportunity to improve client experience 

Used appropriately, journey maps can shift a company’s perspective from inside-out to outside-in
Bruce Tempkin Forrester

There seems little doubt that positive client experiences drive competitive advantage. Harvard research has found that organizations which focus on client experience reap enormous rewards: enhanced client and employee satisfaction, reduced churn and increased revenue. What’s not to like?

Yet ‘Aussie companies are crap at customer experience’ (B&T Magazine 16 September, 2015).  While most Australian companies say customer experience is constantly at the forefront of their strategy, research from the 2015 Australian Forrester Customer Experience Index, a report designed to measure how well brands are delivering a quality experience to their customers and the impact it has on their business, suggests most companies are actually rubbish at it.

Only 17% of 58 businesses surveyed by 9,000 consumers appeared in the ‘good’ category with 31% were in the ‘poor’ category. The measurement is based on three criteria; emotion, ease and effectiveness, with the first being the most influential.

Asked where they thought they were going wrong, almost four out of 10 businesses blamed a lack of cooperation across their organisation, 30% cited a lack of urgency and 26% said they suffered from the absence of a clear strategy.

So maybe it’s time to focus more on your client experience strategy?

If you’re a business leader who wants to deliver a better, more differentiated, customer experience but the reality is you don’t have a strategic framework for doing so, I can help you take charge of your client experience ecosystem to create the new, more compelling experiences needed to differentiate your organization. Sure, you can optimize a single client journey in a tactical way, but shifting processes and mindsets to a client-centric culture is strategic, transformative, task. It doesn't happen overnight.

You might like to start by assessing your current client experience maturity – ask me for a self-diagnosis tool

The rewards are growth, higher client and employee satisfaction and increased revenue. And the cultural shift that occurs creates a focus on continuous improvement and real competitive advantage.

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